Thursday, October 3, 2013

First School Picture

©Mamma Sass
I can't believe Lil' Monster is off to take his very first professional School Picture!
Don't you love the "all business" on top look?
And his first school picture is going to be with a (2) toothless Smile.
Who could not fall in love with this cute kid.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make the Date with Money

For several years, each day we have done calendar time. You have probably seen in a number of our homeschooling photos, our lovely and large green calendar.
This year, we are going to spice it up and make it a little more challenging by adding new features and activities.
I found a great idea from Carisa at "1+1+1=1" blog to use money to "Make the Date."
Money is a concept that Lil' Monster doesn't know much about, making it a new challenge.
First, we did our typical calendar work of putting up the day, date, month, weather, etc.
Then we discussed the different coin names.
Using counting blocks to show value, we counted out how much each coin was worth, in columns of 5.
 Then we discussed the date (yesterday was the 9th) and counted out how many blocks we needed = 9.
We formed columns of five.
Then we placed a nickel on the top.
We discussed the remaining four blocks as singular units (as they can not be grouped in 5s) and then placed a coin on each of those.
 I was surprised at how quickly he picked it up.
As Samuel begins to remember the value of each coin, I will begin to phase out the counting blocks.
This is a great way to mix up our calendar time and teach new skills.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School - Kindergarten

copyright © Mamma Sass
copyright © Mamma Sass
It is the first day
Lil' Monster is one happy boy.
copyright © Mamma Sass

We decided to being a new tradition of celebrating the first day back to school with some fun activities.
copyright © Mamma Sass

Today we began with a delicious breakfast, of pumpkin muffins and doughnuts from our favorite local bakery (The Moose is Loose).
copyright © Mamma Sass

This was followed by casting a hand impression, for future memory.
© Mamma Sass

We then followed this up with reading, some review of materials from last year's school, and calendar work.

Then off to Gymnastics - a fun way to close out the school day.

We then celebrated by having a nice family dinner at a local restaurant - a rare treat indeed.

By bed time, Lil' Monster was exhausted but content.

The rest of this week will be in review of last spring's education.
Next Monday, we will begin again into our Sonlight Curriculum.

Post update: I just wanted to share the finished handprint project:
What a great remembrance this will be when he is older. He is still deciding if he wants to color it or add anything to it or leave it as is. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Gymnast

It is fun to watch Lil' Monster grow up.
There are so many "firsts."
Today was the first time that Lil' Monster was signed up for a regular activity outside of our home.
He is a bundle of energy and is often found, leaping around the house, throwing himself off of things and tumbling on a regular basis.
We thought, it was high time for him to do those things with a goal, as well as to learn to do them safely.
Luckily, through our district homeschooling program, we are able to sign Lil' Monster up in classes in our community that address school courses. Gymnastics is a P.E. credit.
What luck.
Today was the first class day.
© Mamma Sass
 He was very excited to get ready.
Shorts and T-shirts are required gear.
But Lil' Monster begged to wear his beloved track suit on top.
© Mamma Sass
He looks like quite the professional.
After class, he was so happy AND thoroughly worn out.
I am thinking Gymnastics is not only going to be very good for Lil' Monster,
but for this Mamma! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Baked Alaska

What could Lil' Monster being smiling about? 
 The weather!!!!!
 And the fact, that he FINALLY gets to use the "HOT" tag for our daily calendar.
Several months ago, Lil' Monster complained because we 'never' could use the HOT tag on his daily calendar. He kept asking when we could. I explained, up here in AK we might not ever use it.
Boy, am I glad I was wrong!
 Right now up here in Alaska, we are cookin'.
We LOVE it.
This is our third summer here and we are toasting at lovely mid 70's temperatures. The past several years we were lucky to get into the 50s and 60s. The rain poured and poured.
Summer Solstice meant more daylight - it sure didn't seem like it with the grey skies. We were told that was the norm. How sad it made us. Then we have had two long, snowy, and bitter winters. In fact not 4 weeks ago we had snow and temps in the 20s. For the last several weeks we have had constant sun and temperatures that have been utter bliss.
This Summer Solstice we might just have to stay up all night to see that the sun really does give us 20 hours of sunshine!!!
We have been truly blessed!
Feels like heaven.

Don't you just love he is wearing a long sleeved sweater still? He doesn't own many "warm weather" clothes. The summer clothes he does have, he has already worn and I am currently washing them.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


This year Lil' Monster prepared early for Mother's Day.
First he made a card for Granmaw G.
He put flowers all over it because he knows she loves to garden.
 Then he used the format of Roses are red poem and put his own words in the last part.
Because Granmaw G lives far away we sent it off in the mail.

For Mamma, Lil' Monster made these:
These made Mamma so happy!
Aren't they lovely?

We invited our adopted Grandma R for Mother's Day dinner to celebrate.
She is teaching Mamma how to perfect her crochet skill.
She loves on Lil' Monster and is so delighted with him.
Samuel is sharing his Baby book with her.
She is real special to him,
because he doesn't share it with just anyone. 
 It is fun explaining to her all about it.
And telling her all about his life.
Samuel sure loves his Mamma and many Grandmas.
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Presents and Play Dates

Remember Christmas?
I know, it was ages ago -
but really it was just 4 months ago.
This past one,
the boys received an odd gift from Santa
(a white elephant re-gift in fact)
Can you see what it is.
The boys were not that impressed.
They preferred the Christmas treats, Legos, and other assorted gifts.
This particular gift was put to the side and quickly forgotten
(as are all too many gifts).
Here it is 4 months later and
Lil' Monster had a play date.
He and his friend were 'bored'
(as kids tend to become with whatever they are allowed to do)
When a light bulb struck -
here was the perfect time to pull out something that didn't really mean anything special -
but it was something messy and edible (which most young ones love).
There was
frosting and decorating...
and assessing
and posing
and silly faces
and gnawing on old chewy candy
 and being grossed out
and lots of fun.
At the end I was asked 
"Can we do this again NEXT time?"
PS. Don't throw out those old gifts, they might just come in handy, and then you can send half of it home with a friend.


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